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Family Night–Homemade Puzzles

In the early fall, we made puzzles out of tongue depressors (as usual almost all my crafty ideas are from family fun).  We put sevenish craft sticks together and taped them on the back.  We then colored pictures on the front with markers, took the tape off, and had fun putting everyone’s pictures together.  The babies were already asleep for the night, so no participation this time.

Ariana diligently working on her masterpiece

Liam putting together the first puzzle

Giggling as I seriously struggled to put one together 🙂

Finished products.  Clockwise from top left:  Ariana’s, Liam’s, Bill’s, Courtney’s



Animal Night

Bill and I try to have a family night each week with a fun theme, so I thought I would begin sharing some  with you to maybe spark some ideas for memory-making.  This past Monday (which was also New Year’s Eve), we had an animal theme much to the joy of my animal-obsessed son (thanks, Jonathan) :-).  We began with a fish pizza.  Bill thought this was going to be gross until I explained it’s just pepperoni pizza in the shape of a fish.  You can see the picture below.  Then we played “Catch the Lion’s Tail” which is really just “Duck, Duck, Goose,” except you say “hyena, hyena, lion” and try to grab a piece of yellow fabric in the lion’s pocket.  Afterward, we watched Dr. Dolittle in which Liam named every single animal that was on the screen each time it made an appearance.  We had plans to make little frogs out of paper plates but ran out of time.  Besides, Liam and I had been busy all day making kazoos, party hats, and shakers, so we were a little crafted out.  We celebrated New Year’s at 8:00, and Bill and I were in bed by 10.  Aren’t we thrilling? 😉

It looked cuter before it was cooked and the pepperoni (gills) spread out.  The mushroom eye also got buried in cheese.


Quick Update

Hey, Everyone!  Since we have been offline now for more than two weeks, we wanted to give you a very simple update with promises of more details later.  Bill and I moved into our new home two weekends ago and haven’t had Internet access yet (no phone lines because they had been cut during the renovation).  Bill is working on installing some, and right now we have a makeshift line.  Until the lines are finished, I can’t promise how often we will be posting.  It’s amazing how difficult it seems to live without the Internet.  Obviously, it’s not really difficult at all, but we get so attached to our little conveniences.

It has been a wonderful yet busy two weeks with many small adventures already.  Some funny, some frustrating, and some freaky.  Basically, though, we are mainly settled and love our little home.  The first family night we spent here Bill declared as “Make As Much Noise As Possible” night because we didn’t have to worry about disturbing apartment neighbors.  Bill said I reminded him of the “Home Alone” kid running around the house.  God is continuing to bless us, as always, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you in the next few weeks.