The Bell Family

Random ponderings on God, life, and the humor all around us

About the Bells

The Bell Family currently finds their home in inner-city Indianapolis.  We walk alongside other believers for the mission of the Gospel as a part of our church, indyEkklesia.  Our family is ever growing as God blesses us with little ones that we have the joyful responsibility to train about God and his ways.  Here’s a more detailed description of each member of our family:

Bill – Working as a business information consultant for an Indianapolis company.  He spends most of his free time with his family or reading books about all kinds of things, especially the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He loves teaching the Word to our church most of all.

Courtney – Striving to understand the gospel more fully by managing a home with eight children in it, teaching them about God and the world He created, and loving on her man. She loves teaching the Bible to other women and teaching voice lessons out of her home. Whole lotta teaching all around.

Liam -All boy and the best big brother.  Liam is full of energy and laughter, and he loves to play soccer, read, dabble in technology, and do all things science.  He spends most of his weekdays in school with mom at home and is super fun to talk to.

Ariana – Sweet and the owner of the biggest smile around.  Ariana has a gorgeous servant heart.  She loves doting on her younger siblings and helping mom with everything possible. She is currently in dance with her sisters.

Heaven – Our girl who loves coloring for days, playing with her siblings, and being outside. She’s ever growing in her understanding of family and love and has taught both her parent much on the subject, too.

Esther – Deep thinker who holds her own despite being the fourth.  Essie, as we often call her, is super affectionate and is growing in serving others.  She always amazes us with how quickly she’s learning, never seeming to take in new information fast enough.

Miriam – This one  is a big hot mess!  Full of life and fun, she’s teaching us daily about reckless abandon, never doubting for a second God’s goodness. Miriam has been voted in our family “Most Likely to Be a Stand Up Comedian.”

Victoria–Beautiful baby girl who doesn’t let that stop her from dominating with her talking. She’s funny and comfortable in her own skin. She loves her two little brothers and makes sure they know she’s in charge.

Aiden – Nut job who is far too aware of his ability to charm anyone around. This little man keeps learning by leaps and bounds, and he adores his siblings. Aiden is particularly bonded with Josiah, and he could eat dessert for every meal.

Josiah–Precious little boy who’s finding his personality in this crazy family. He knows his rightful place as baby but loves with no conditions period. He loves to snuggle and rarely smiles without sticking out his tongue.


7 thoughts on “About the Bells

  1. I like the descriptions!!!

  2. Time to add Esther!!!

  3. I agree with Mandy – time to add Esther!!! (and I still need to meet her!) 🙂 Miss you guys!

  4. Thanks for sending me the update. I miss you and hope to see you guys some day soon. Congrats, by the way. Hope to talk to you again soon.

  5. Hello,

    I saw on your blog that you have the Noel Piper advent calendar. I have been trying to get one but they were not available last year or this year. So, I’m thinking about trying to just make a rough version for myself. I was wondering if there was any possible way you might be able to e-mail me the advent story that is used with the calendar so that I don’t have to try to come up with that myself. I’m obviously already way behind (since today is the 4th!) and I’d like to just try to start something with my kids right away.

    I would be so incredibly appreciative!!!

    Thanks so much!

    Kinzi Herron

  6. Need another family member update. 🙂

  7. Ready for an update on Little Miss Gack! God has plans for this family!

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