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Bell Family Update–March 2017


I have to say that March 2017 feels like a blur. It might have something to do with the fact of the girls having their dance recital and a VERY full calendar. Regardless, it was still a fun month with lots of joy and laughter. Here are some highlights!


I just think she’s the cutest!


I mean, just look at her!


One of the fun and unique things we got to do this month was attend the NFL Combine Experience here in Indy. It was free and a ton of fun for the kiddos.


Sprints (squad 1)


Sprints (squad 2)–check out that burst of speed from the dude on the left. 😉


Catching footballs


They were so sweet when the little ones gave it a shot.


An obstacle course


She’s a blur of speed and agility


Mid-air catch!


That’s a Heisman-worthy pose right there!


Virtual reality


This was a really cool remote-controlled tackling dummy. The guy operating it kept messing with the kids and scooting it away right as they’d approach. It was awesome.


They had this field laid out to the side. When the tackling dummy operator saw, ya know, our incredibly large number of kids, he took the dummy over there and did us the great favor of wearing our kids out chasing the dummy around the field.20170303_180935770_iOS

Long jump–they have some, um, interesting form!


The fam posing around our favorite team logo!


So, Court always says I’m never in the pictures. Which is true. But here’s my “Before” picture of my current weight loss regimen. I include it because it’s practically the only picture of me this month!


I can’t remember what they were watching, but clearly they were in suspense!


Courtney has started learning some nail art techniques. She glammed Vi-Vi up with some Hello Kitty.


Esther designed her two-dancer artwork


Because our dance instructor was about to have her baby, our girls’ dance recital was earlier than usual. We were in a new but very small venue. Here are some photos of the little lovelies.


The boys, while waiting for the recital to start, engaged in this epic staring contest. Their game faces are really something…


One of our goals in 2017 is to walk the entire Monon Trail (not all in the same day). We picked a particularly cold Saturday to get started. We got about two miles before we ditched back to the house (the smiles in the picture are deceptively happy compared to the frigid weather!). But more to come!


On the first day of Spring, we had our annual Spring Celebration. Since we’ve decided not to mix our Jesus holidays with the other fun activities of the season, we do baskets and bunnies and eggs on the first day of Spring instead of Easter.

Bunnies for breakfast


Following the Bell tradition, the kids had to hunt in the house to find their individual baskets


It was very cold and wet, so we also had the egg hunt indoors


I thought this was a totally great snapshot of our homeschooling day. You can see three of the kids working at the table while Courtney answers a question for Ariana. Also, as usual, we probably don’t know where the other four kids are (just kidding… kind of…)


Josiah took the magnetic letters and numbers to make this number line. He was quite pleased (look at that cute smile!)


Courtney teaching one of her students. Look at that dropped jaw! And that lovely face!


I took my annual personal retreat this past weekend. I spent quite a bit of time hiking around Turkey Run State Park. I had several times of complete solitude and silence–it was very refreshing. Here are some scenic photos I took. I’m not in any of them. Because I don’t selfie. Because, well, then I’d be in a picture…


While I was on my retreat, Courtney and the kids had a blast of a time. The last night, they all camped out together in the same room.


Good grief, she’s a hottie!!!!


Go Team Bell!!!!


3 thoughts on “Bell Family Update–March 2017

  1. The NFL Combine Experience looks like a ton of fun (even with Victoria lost way down in that uniform). 🙂 I bet all the kids slept well that night.

    Turkey Run State Park looks like a place I’d love to explore. When the weather is warmer, of course.

  2. Love, Love, Love the pictures and the explanations!!!!!!!! Love you guys so very much and it is great to see you all having such a great time! Thanks for taking the time to compile this message and for sending it to us. Courtney and Bill you both look amazing!!! Kudos for all your hard work 🙂 PS: Miriam looked like she might have had a special dance part in the recital, did she? Love from, Mom Nancy

  3. PS: At the NFL Combine, it looked like an awesome time! Was a cameraperson filming Victoria? Glad to see you all having fun with the Easter basket/egg hunting tradition 🙂 Do you think I could talk Dad into a similar hunt for just the two of Us? Have a great weekend Indy Bells!

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