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Aiden is 5!!!

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This little cutie had his fifth birthday last week! What a blessing to get to celebrate this cool kid. Below is the letter I wrote to him this year.

Dear Aiden,

It’s been a fun year watching you grow, maybe not a ton in height, but so much in personality and development. It’s unbelievable to me that you became our son when you were only two, and now it’s your fifth birthday. Where did the time go?! Have you really been mine that long???

This past year, we got to watch you go from saying three-word phrases that none of us could understand to speaking in full paragraphs and working intentionally to get those consonants working. You know almost all your letter sounds, can count to 10, know your colors and shapes, and can identify pretty much every object around you, all things that we weren’t sure were ever going to happen this time last year.

But like almost everything in your life, you do things at your own pace in your own way, and you’re always full of surprises. Sometimes that comes through in your sneakiness, how you look for opportunities to dishonor us and do exactly what you know you aren’t supposed to. And sometimes that comes through in the way you can almost do the splits, in your compassion and care for others, especially those younger than you, in your devotion to your siblings, in your sense of adventure, in the way you make those around you feel loved and like they have more worth than they think, in your sweet snuggles. And it’s beautiful.

Our prayer is that the beauty of Christ permeates your very soul, that your strong will becomes leadership instead of rebellion, willing to give up your own desires for the sake of the gospel. That your sneaky actions are broken down because you see that it’s your weaknesses that reveal God’s strength, that you willingly confess your sins because you have nothing to hide knowing that Christ’s blood has already covered it. That your bravery to do hard things transfers into a boldness to do good even when no one sees you because you love God above your own fleshly desires.

That is a beauty that surpasses the cutest smile and the most sparkly eyes. It’s beauty above charming those around you. Because it’s a beauty you can’t produce on your own. It can only come from being covered by the most beautiful man to ever walk the earth, a man who is also fully God, a man who always gave himself up, humbling himself even to the point of death, taking the wrath you deserve so you can be his brother and gain the inheritance of God himself. An adoption so much greater than the one you’ve experienced in our family. The beauty of the Savior.

We love you, little guy,

Mom and Dad

One thought on “Aiden is 5!!!

  1. Beautiful words of both encouragement and admonishment to one terrifically sweet little (yes, very little) guy who has a heart three sizes bigger than many.

    I love his perseverance, his indomitable spirit, and how he has such a knack at seeing how objects are put together, and therefore, how they can come apart.

    Those eyes and deep dimples are priceless.

    Love you so much Aiden.

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