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Bell Family Update–October 2016


Is there anyone who doesn’t love October?!!! Here are some of the ways the Bells spent ours.

Oh, and it became clear to me that my man hides behind the camera. Like he barely makes an appearance in any of these pictures.

Apple picking!!20161001_144816191_ios20161001_145056809_ios20161001_145427262_ios20161001_145814762_ios20161001_150138896_ios20161001_150158945_ios


Putting himself in my shoes, complete with mom’s face.20161002_215658172_ios

Washing toy dishes. V has really been turning into a little mommy lately. Sometimes good, sometimes…20161003_132033831_ios

Every year we go back to west Kentucky to visit our families. We clearly are terrible at taking picture while there because this is about as good as it gets. Though I love it so much because it’s my mom in her element: teaching, seeing God’s beauty everywhere, and simply enjoying her moments with us. 20161008_154748003_ios

Aiden showing off his mad sleep skillz20161009_112336765_ios

The world’s best big brother taking his little brother for a ride on his bike20161011_220838321_ios

Racing to see who can count to 100 the fastest. One in English and one in Spanish.20161012_202244887_ios

Visiting a friend’s farm. This is one of the nurses who was there for Josiah’s delivery, one of our first Indy friends.20161015_220000933_ios

Our annual front porch shot taken by our neighbor, Lori. Oh, look, there’s a Bill!!!20161017_214358247_ios

This year’s Halloween costumes. My absolute favorite part of this is how Sneezy (Heaven) is so sanitary to sneeze into her elbow!20161021_215922313_ios

Books in bed in the morning with my littles20161025_142836727_ios

We found a fantastic new place to walk with a ginormous hill built for sledding. And notice who’s taking the picture and conveniently not in the picture…20161022_160257386_ios

Our university choir had a reunion this year, and our whole family got to go! Our kids heard a choir and a marching band for the first time, and it was so much fun to let them in to a bit of our past. Here’s monkey boy cheesing it up.20161028_213145643_ios20161030_012758848_ios

This year we threw a block party with our neighbors across the street on Halloween. Candy and s’mores. Here are the hostess ladies. Isn’t Lori gorgeous?!!! Seriously, this friend radiates Jesus from every pore.20161031_213556270_ios20161031_213144474_ios20161031_222243215_ios20161031_222359610_ios20161031_222407749_ios

2 thoughts on “Bell Family Update–October 2016

  1. Love all the pictures, especially Miriam climbing an apple tree while wearing boots. 🙂 So many fun times.

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