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Bell Family Update–August 2016


Since we’ve been terrible at family updates on here, I’m just going to give a run-down of the last three months.

Most of the post is in pictures, but one sweet part of our summer was spending a few days with Bill’s sister, brother-in-law, and our nephew in Nashville, TN. We haven’t spent much time with just them in a few years, and this was our first time to really get to know our brother-in-law since their wedding last summer. So much fun just hanging with them and swimming in their amazing pool! Unfortunately, we didn’t take a single stinking picture while we there. What?!! I promise it really happened, though. 😉

The summer was kicked off with Victoria’s Strawberry Shortcake birthday party. Though we always celebrate birthdays, the 5th and 10th are themed friend parties, so this was an extra special one for our Vi-Vi.20160604_191456753_iOS20160604_213835891_iOS


Strawberry picking with friends has become a tradition for our family, though this was Bill’s first time.20160607_151921697_iOS


Aiden and Liam finished up spring soccer. It was Aiden’s first time to be old enough to play.20160607_223711289_iOS


All five girls did summer dance. Ariana often helped watch the dance instructor’s little cutie, and I love this picture!20160608_204300413_iOS


Lots of playgrounds and parks. The second picture is our favorite state park, Turkey Run.20160609_164857965_iOS20160619_144635982_iOS


We got free tickets to see our professional soccer team, Indy Eleven. So much fun!20160611_230258637_iOS


Lots of goofing around. I am seriously loving the tween stage!20160619_183417328_iOS


Sweet time with my littles while the older five were at camp.20160620_164214142_iOS


Getting an infected tooth pulled.20160624_152058964_iOS


The baby’s birthday, who may not technically be a baby anymore…20160626_201220850_iOS20160607_152343356_iOS


Fun in a new exhibit at the Children’s Museum.20160630_213455620_iOS


Celebrating Bill by putting together a puzzle he was gifted with. His kind of day.20160703_175257660_iOS


Repurposing a Craigslist find. Wish I’d taken a before picture.20160709_185538571_iOS


Liam having his first experience shooting a gun on a father/son night.20160709_235732914_iOS


Riding on the zoo train together.20160730_174323681_iOS


This was probably our sweetest memory of the summer–family camp in Michigan. So much fun!!! Beaches, activities, fun food, new friends. We kind of wanted to live there. Descriptions of the pics: 1. Fun on the beach. 2. Getting ready for a gathering. 3. Our family assistant working hard. 😉 Seriously, this lady was amazing!!! We invited her to live with us, but she said no. I think our awesomeness was too overwhelming for her… 4. Awkward human pyramid with Juan, a wood man challenging us to “Love One (Juan) More.” 5. The beach and lake. Bill even got to go water skiing. 6. Whole family picture, including our family assistant, which just felt right. She’s in her 20s. Really. 20160802_134035711_iOS20160804_140412922_iOS20160804_155643888_iOS20160804_172804323_iOS20160806_133753898_iOS20160806_133835261_iOS


I did my first wine and canvas. I don’t do creativity, so shut it. 😉20160821_012632484_iOS


Josiah and Aiden started pre-K Handwriting this year, so they’ve been introduced to the infamous Mat Man, a part of their curriculum.20160823_125040037_iOS


Doing school with some of our dearest friends. First is our best-face-forward pic, second is the real deal.20160824_162147584_iOS20160824_162207650_iOS


For school, Liam and Ariana took a bread-making class. They made two loaves of bread, three types of rolls, pizza crust, and cinnamon rolls. All 100% on their own!20160826_224343761_iOS

3 thoughts on “Bell Family Update–August 2016

  1. Love it!

  2. What a fun-filled summer! Glad you get to enjoy one another in so many different way.

  3. Awesome. Grandbrenda loves the update. Please keep them coming!

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