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Liam’s Last Year for Single Digits

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Liam, our guinea pig child, is turning into quite a little man. He follows after Jesus, blows us away at times with deep thoughts, loves all things with an electric screen (TV, Wii, tablets, computers, etc.) and legos, experiments with humor, and always has something to say. He’s sensitive, funny, and concerned for others. Babies and little ones are his favorites, and he still isn’t above the occasional cuddle with mom.

Liam challenges me. He talks openly about Jesus to anyone, never fearing what they might think. He loves people all the time no matter the circumstances, and there’s no difference from one person to the next. There’s much I learn from him.

He’s also the perfect big brother. He equally protects and annoys his many younger siblings, and they all think he’s the best. I tell him he often reminds me of my own big brother, a high praise.

So grateful to have been given this kid nine years ago.



With his favorite brother

2014-04-04 12.35.59

Being goofy with his sister


Lego creation




Picking apples



Love this kid

One thought on “Liam’s Last Year for Single Digits

  1. I love that kid, too. He is full of energy, has a vivid imagination, and loves to make up funny stories. He is kind-hearted. I have never seen him show the least bit of jealousy toward his younger siblings, even when he had to give up his only-child status at less than 18 months old. We are so blessed to be his Nana & Peepaw. 🙂

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