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Miriam Turns 5!


Our fourth little Bell turned five over the weekend. This girl rocks. my. world. Miriam means “life” and “laughter” because of her Easter birth on a toilet, and she’s certainly lived up to that name. We call her our life-lover and our big hot mess. She’s beautifully comfortable in her own skin, not pressured by what others are doing, and crazy joyful. She’s the most likely to incorporate the word “poop” into every conversation and to shake her booty for her friends before her dance practices. She wrestles with the boys, will jump from death defying heights, and barely sniffs when she scrapes a knee.

When I found out I was pregnant with Miriam, I struggled to find joy. I was drowning with three children under the age of three, and Esther was only four months old. I wanted to feel as though that pregnancy was a blessing, but my brain wasn’t convinced. Then when I found out she was a girl, I was disappointed again. I thought it would be best for Liam to have a brother. God showed me how very wrong I was and how to trust that his plans are ALWAYS better than mine. I’ve learned more about contentment and seeing the good in people and circumstances from Miriam than from anyone else in this world. This girl makes me laugh hard and has brought me joy in the midst of sorrow on numerous occasions. I can never express how grateful I am to have been given this fourth child, a little girl, the perfect addition to our family. She was exactly what we needed.


All dolled up


Hot chocolate AND dessert on a date with Mom


Dance recital

Here’s a video of Miriam “feeling” the music:

When our kids turn five, we throw them a “friend party.” Here are some pictures from Miriam’s Jungle Safari party:


Our little monkey


Ready for a safari adventure


Eating like a giraffe


Crocodile ring toss


Wrapping her friend to look like a zebra

3 thoughts on “Miriam Turns 5!

  1. I love the video!! That girl is funny!!

  2. The video was wonderful ❤ Her smile is so much like Bill's! Beautiful pics, and Thank God he knows better than us! Happy Birthday Miriam!

  3. I often say I can’t think about Miriam without smiling. And it’s so true. She is such a bundle of joy.

    I’m sure she’s had a bad day or two somewhere in her first 5 years, but I have yet to see one. We loved being part of her birthday party AND seeing her in a dance recital on the same day. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for this amazingly positive girl. 🙂

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