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Locks of Love

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Our two oldest girls had been growing their hair out for quite a while and we had been talking about the possibility of donating their hair to Locks of Love.  Well, we finally decided to do that a couple of months ago since both Ariana and Esther easily had more than the required ten inches to donate.

Many tears were shed when the time came. By me.

Apparently, I was the most attached to their hair. Anyway, we were glad to use their ridiculously beautiful hair to help out kids who don’t have any for various medical reasons.  Enjoy the picturefest below (with a few token shots for Miriam who went for a haircut as well even though her hair wasn’t nearly long enough for Locks of Love).

Ariana first:



   Then Esther:



And finally Miriam:

The donations:

Before and after shots:

My sweet girls:

One thought on “Locks of Love

  1. You have triplets!! Love those beautiful girls. 🙂

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