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Ariana’s 6th Birthday


My oldest little girl is feeling less little all the time.  She’s an amazing helper around the house, eager to serve and try new things.  She rocks out her schoolwork, killing 1st grade even though she’s technically too young to be in it.  She’s a sweet, smiley child who still loves dancing around and being a regular little cutie.

I find myself especially grateful for her since she’s a trailblazer in our home.  When it comes to trying new things, there isn’t much that scares her.  This morning as I was toasting bread, I asked her if she’d ever buttered toast before.  She simply replied no and when I asked her if she’d mind doing it, she didn’t ask how.  She just grabbed a knife and went to it.  That’s my little Miss Initiative.

She’s got big grins and sweet giggles.  She loves fashion accessories and hourly applications of lip gloss.  She loves high heels with shorts and changing shoes multiple times throughout the day.  And even though she’s getting bigger, she’s still so little.  I have an impressive pile of the cute little drawings she does all the time, saying “To: Daddy, From: Ariana”.  I love that girl.

On a wooden horse at Conner Prairie

Playing historic games at the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon

Jammin’ out at the Rhythm Discovery Center

Ariana with her very pretty and colorful castle

In case you couldn’t tell, opening gifts on her birthday

Her requested strawberry Strawberry Shortcake cake.  Or would that be Strawberry Shortcake strawberry cake?

Happy Birthday, little Squasha


4 thoughts on “Ariana’s 6th Birthday

  1. I treasure you, sweet girl. You have taught me much about joy, forgiveness, and servanthood. So excited you’re six!

  2. I have to ask: where do you get all of your cute cake ideas Courtney? The strawberry is adorable!

  3. Glad you had a strawberry- and sugar-filled birthday, Ariana. You are a delight to be around. 🙂

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