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Halloween 2012

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Well, Halloween was certainly a different experience this year.  As usual, we did the whole costumes and trick-or-treating shebang.  The curveball and semi-letdown came from the fact that apparently our neighborhood doesn’t really participate in the T-or-T festivities.  Despite the fact that there are a ton of kids on our street, they must have gone somewhere else because we didn’t see most of them that night.  Most folks either weren’t home or didn’t have candy to give out, so the kids were a bit disappointed because it wasn’t like previous years.  My best guess is that it’s because we’re now in a lower income neighborhood, though I’m not entirely sure.  Through a quick google search, I found I’m not the only one with that theory.

BUT Court had the idea to pile in the van to go to one of the T-or-T events nearby.  We went to a mall on the eastside.  By the time we arrived, some store owners had already run out of candy, but the kids still thought it was a lot of fun.  Besides, the whole goal really isn’t to get as much candy as possible.  It’s certainly one of the goals, but not the whole one.  😉

Anyway, on to the pictures:

Miriam the Ladybug

Esther the Ballerina Princess

Ariana the Candy Corn

Liam the Iron Man

The whole gang (the two littles stayed home with me while Courtney took the others around the neighborhood)

Trick or treating

One thought on “Halloween 2012

  1. Each year, I’m amazed at how cute the kids’ costumes are. No disappointments this year. I’m not sure which is my favorite.

    Sorry your neighbors don’t seem to do the trick or treating fun, but I can fully understand why they don’t. At least the Bell kiddos got to have a new experience of doing the events scene, and it’s nice to know they had fun even without loads of super-sugar-charged candy. Bet they had their share to eat at home.

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