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Catchy title, right?

Bill and I are trying to get back into blogging. You can see the reason why we’ve been absent and why we want to come back here. As part of that, we felt the need to more clearly define the purpose of the two blogs. We decided that the parenting blog will largely be our thoughts about, well, parenting, and this blog will simply be about what’s going on with us. We aren’t narcissists (though truly we sometimes are)–we simply have some family and friends who like to keep up with us, as we keep up with them. So if you’re just wanting to check in to see what’s up with the Bells, come here. If you’re looking for profound wisdom (really, we’re geniuses–see our about page to prove it), visit our parenting blog. We even invite you to double dip, just don’t ask me to dip after you. I think that’s gross.

One thought on “This Blog

  1. Love the picture!!! Josiah doesn’t seem so impressed, but that’s OK; Nana is certainly impressed with HIM (and with all the other grands). Hope you’re all having a wonderful, blustery day.

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