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It’s 3:45AM on the day we’re loading up the moving truck, Friday. Tomorrow (can I say that when it’s pitch black outside and I should be sleeping?), Saturday, we’ll leave in the morning to head to our new home in Indianapolis. I can’t sleep. Part of it is anxiety. Will we get everything done today? Will we be safe? What kind of work is God calling us to? How in the world am I going to fill a house more than twice the size of our current house? How terrible is loneliness? Most of my restlessness, though, is awe, and I think I can’t go another moment without writing about how God has worked the past few months.

A month ago, Bill wrote a post called, “If It’s the Lord’s Will,” revealing our plans and desires to move to Indy to begin house churches. Almost every other big life change we’ve made has seemed clear before we jumped, mainly because we couldn’t deny circumstances around us. This one was different. We simply had a love for that city and a heart for a particular socioeconomic group. So we took a leap of faith, a leap we believed to be Spirit led, but a leap that took me far from my comfort zone. We began telling people confidently that we believed God was going to move us to Indy and that he would do it quickly. Then we kind of sat back and watched God work, because we seriously had NO plan.

Guess what we saw. A crazy big God who has no limits and doesn’t need our stinkin’ plans.

Bill cared about integrity at work, so he didn’t hide anything from his boss. Many people get “laid off” if they reveal they’re looking for work outside the company. Bill’s boss started helping him with his resume and references and simply checked up on him often to get the latest news. Almost the same day Bill began the job hunt, Groupon had a deal for a resume writing company a couple of his friends had used. They swore by it, and we now see why. Bill ended up with a great resume and cover letter that was accurately representative of his skills. It listed those skills. Something Bill has a difficult time broadcasting. 🙂

It took us six weeks to get the house market-ready. We hired a contractor. Right before the contractor started, we “coincidentally” found out the family moving with us were all handy men and wanted to do almost all the work for us for free. We kept our contractor, but only for two huge, time consuming projects. Our friends did all the rest and saved us a bookoo of time and money. We heart them.

We had prayed that God not only sell the house, but he sell it to like-minded believers. When the house had been on the market for two weeks, dear friends of ours called us and said, “We think God is calling us to buy your house.” They love Jesus. A lot. They signed a contract last week and will have our house in a little over 24 hours.

Bill began getting many calls for interviews in Indy. He (scary to me) started to make requests that he get to interview over the phone initially so he could save his vacation days and gas. Almost every company agreed. When Bill began this process, he had four vacation days left at Humana. He took one right away and was getting more than one call a day from companies requesting he come to Indy for second interviews. I began to get anxious that he would use up all his time off before he got an offer, and then what about settling in our new house? Would he have to go to work the day after we moved?

Bill had another interview set up for the next week when his dad called to tell him his grandmother had just died. This was hard. It was a weekend of mourning and family. But God can bring sweetness from sorrow. Humana gave Bill three grievance days. These are non-vacation paid days. His interview was set up for the day after the funeral, the third day, so though sorrow was high, he got to go to the interview without taking any more days off from work. He had another interview two days later, Thursday. During his three grievance days, Bill worked from home to make things easier on his team. When he went to his boss to ask for a vacation day that Thursday, his boss replied that he had noticed Bill worked all three of his days, so he told him to take the Thursday without counting it as vacation. The next week Bill got an offer, and by that time he had built up another vacation day. So now Bill has four days off in between jobs. Good grief.

We had a joyful problem the week of the offer. It looked like Bill might get an offer from four different companies. How would we choose? 🙂 After much consideration, Bill finally decided that his top pick was a small CRM consulting firm. They were the first to call, and even offered Bill more than he was originally asking. This more than made up for both Bill’s Humana and Oak Park salary combined.

Because of the size of our family and the particular work we’re wanting to do, we had some fairly picky preferences when it came to looking for a house. We drove to Indy the Friday after Bill got the offer to look at five properties. The first four weren’t going to work. In spite of all the ways God had already been working, I became discouraged thinking, “Well, this is it. This is where God is going to let us know he really isn’t in this thing after all.” We saw the fifth and last home, and it was astoundingly perfect in every way. We needed to move in quickly, and our landlord wasn’t going to have enough time to make a few minor repairs needed in that time frame, so instead she cut our deposit in half and made our monthly payments $50 lower.

Bill has to commute a bit and needed a car. He had been looking for about a week and was talking with a friend who owns a car lot. Two days ago, our friend called to tell him a car was just traded in that was in great condition, and they were asking half the price of everything else comparable that Bill had been looking at. We sign the paperwork today.

Wow. There are a surprising number of cars out at 4:45 in the morning. And I’m getting loopy.

We began home renovations February 15th. We are leaving for Indy more blessed that we could imagine May 12th, not quite three months later. God is doing it.


3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Love the updates and love hearing how God is at work! Isn’t He amazing?!

  2. I love how detailed your praises are. Our God is never chintzy in how He supplies when we obey Him, and it is a blessing to get the opportunity to get them down on “paper”. The list just grows and grows. 🙂

    When we follow His lead, in our humanness, it CAN be scary, but not following would be even more frightening. And what a comfort to know that God knows every single event that is going to happen, and that He is right there in front of you.

    I am praying that He will soon send you amazing friends to help ease the lonliness and to encourage you. I pray for great wisdom and discernment, stamina and grace to encounter your neighbors in meaningful ways.

    And, I assure you, filling a much-larger home won’t be a problem. 🙂

    Love all of you.

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