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Letting My Inner Geek Out


This had nothing to do with anything.  I just came across both of these within a few weeks of each other and they each made me giggle.  Cuz I’m a geek.

There.  I said it.

I hope you get it.  Court didn’t.  I had to show her the clip at the bottom of this post.  She didn’t think it was funny.

She’s not a geek.

But at least she stills loves me…

Merry Christmas, y’all!

And in case you’re one of those non-geeks who didn’t get either one of those jokes:


6 thoughts on “Letting My Inner Geek Out

  1. After 4 yeras of non-stop Star Wars I still needed the clip. 🙂 Cute.

  2. Poor Kacie. You’re obviously not a geek.

    You have my pity.

  3. Sadly, although I’m not exactly a Star Wars “geek”, I DID enjoy all the movies, and, yes, I DID get the jokes. Guess your Dad failed you there, Courtney. 🙂

  4. Come on, Brenda. Own your geekiness.

    I’m proud of you for getting it.

  5. I love that line in the movie

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