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Yes, yes, I know it’s been forever since we posted. We’ll get back into it eventually, right?!

Liam trying out a new phrase:

That cracks my head off!  (combination of “That cracks me up” and “I laughed my head off.”)

Sorry for the mental image in this one.  Said when Esther sneezed without covering her mouth:

Ariana:  Your ‘bless you’ hit me!

Trying to get dressed one morning:

Ariana: My shirt is outside in.

Guilty conscience at work:

Ariana: (crying and running to Bill and me)

Liam: (close at her heals and wide-eyed) I didn’t do anything!!!

Ariana: (looking at Liam, confused) I know.  I hit my leg on the bunk bed.

Referring to our friend who is folickly-challenged (by the way, our friend is not a horse–simply has an unfortunate name):

Liam: Some babies are born with hair, but most come out looking like Mr. Ed.

Bill attempting to get Essie to tell him about watching Blue’s Clues:

Bill: Did you watch Yellow’s Hints?

Esther: (huge grin) No!

Bill: Did you watch Purple’s Mysteries?

Esther: (huge grin) No!

Bill: Well what did you watch?

Esther: (smile quickly disappears replaced by look of absolute confusion–imagine drool here)

Bill: (laughing heartily) Did you watch Blue’s Shoes?

Esther: (huge grin) No!

Bill: Did you watch Blue’s News?

Esther: (huge grin) No! We watched a movie about Blue!

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