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Random ponderings on God, life, and the humor all around us



On food:

Liam: Crackers are scrumptious because they’re so cracky.

In discussing the possibility of Victoria being born on Liam’s birthday:

Me: Do you want Victoria to share a birthday with you?

Liam: No.  I’ve been thinking about this.  If two people in the same house have the same birthday at the same time, then one will have to go to a different house with their mom or dad so they can have a birthday.

Ariana is the queen of giving “Sunday School answers (God! Jesus!)” to almost all of Bill’s questions over dinner.

Bill: How was sin different in Noah’s day than today? (real answer is there was no difference)

Ariana: I don’t know.  Jesus!

To show the pattern of this, over dinner one night the real answer was “God.”  We realized then how closely Miriam listens to her big sister.

Bill: Who created all things?

Ariana: God!

Miriam (immediately following): Jesus!

I always love my kids understanding of relationships.

Ariana: When Liam gets big, he’ll have to marry a different mommy who doesn’t have a husband.

Telling Daddy about his zoo trip:

Liam: We saw the polar bears, and there was a man who was feeding them fish.  We’ll call him The Man Who Feeds Fish to Polar Bears.

While at the park:

Ariana: Look at the gooses!

(Bill and I chuckle at the cuteness of her statement)

Ariana (trying to justify her term): That’s what I call a group of gooses.

3 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. So cute. I really need to write the things down Hannah says too. 🙂

  2. I crackes up at the polar bear man. Hilarious!

  3. As our mouse pad says, “What fun grandchildren are”. Love it!!!!

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