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New Family Pictures


We had our pictures done a couple of weeks ago by Ginny Hobbs.  She did a beautiful job capturing the playfulness of our family.  You can view the pictures by going here.  Click on “Portfolio” and then “Bell Family.”


3 thoughts on “New Family Pictures

  1. You guys are so beautiful! Liam is getting so big and looks so OLD, I love your hair, and Miriam has the prettiest eyes! Can’t wait to see this new little girl. 🙂

  2. These are the cutest pictures! Ginny did a great job and you all look super adorable! Great job on the clothing and outfit choices! Court, you look adorable with your little round belly!

  3. I love them…..I love the one with you all sitting in a row and you can see your baby bump. 🙂 So cute!!!! They are great, thank you for sharing.

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