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Monastery Retreat

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Last fall, Bill sent me away for a whole week to the Abbey of Gethsemani, a monastery in Bardstown.  It was by far the longest period of silence I have ever had, and it was wonderful to spend that much time praying, reading, and listening to sermons and music (O.K. so I guess I didn’t have total silence).  Here are some things I did:

  • Went through the retreat chapter in “Shopping for Time.”  I have gone through this evaluation each retreat I’ve taken, looking at my personal godliness, family, church, friendships with both believers & non-believers, attending to my work, and my health.
  • Read several articles by Mark Driscoll, Carolyn Mahaney, and Tim Keller
  • Read all or parts of “Love That Lasts,” “Simple Hospitality,” “Grace-Based Parenting,” Start Here” (I’m going through this with the young woman I’m mentoring), & “A Praying Life
  • Memorized lots of scripture
  • Journaled
  • Listened to sermons by Matt Chandler and C.J. Mahaney

I don’t know if all monasteries are the same, but this one is completely free (donations gladly accepted) & you can either stay Monday-Friday or Friday-Monday.  You can schedule up to four months in advance and pretty much have to schedule that early to get a reservation.  All food is provided.  It’s a great option for some time away.

One thought on “Monastery Retreat

  1. Why can’t we all take time away like this? Christ set the example of having quiet times, and scripture mandates times of rest. So glad you were able to enjoy your retreat, and that you returned home refreshed and ready to resume “normal” life. 🙂

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