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Praise Factory

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Several months ago, Bill used a curriculum called Praise Factory with our children.  I used this curriculum when I was the children’s director at our previous church, but they began offering the program and all resources for free a while back.  It was written by Connie Dever (Mark Dever’s wife) and is basically systematic theology for kids of all ages.  It’s a bit confusing to navigate through at first, but you eventually get the hang of it.  The program is set up to be used with a classroom of children, but we have modified it to be used during our family worship time.  We only did it a few nights a week.  The first night Bill told the story of the week (an OT, NT, and more “modern” story for each Big Idea), the next time he would reinforce the story, usually with drama but sometimes with a craft, game idea, or snack.  We would usually learn part of the scripture memory song and use the VIPP (very important prayer person) suggestions to teach our children how to pray for our church leaders.  It would be a lot of work to try to do everything she suggests each week for your personal family, so if you go this route I would encourage you to only pick 2-3 ideas for your family. 

One more thing, the music is seriously cheesy sounding to Bill and me.  Honestly we hate it (good grief we can be judgemental when it comes to music!), so two things have happened.  Either Bill has rewritten the music so it sounds more appealing, or we realize that the only ones who don’t prefer it are us, the parents.  The kids don’t care and rock it out to anything.  It’s still a great way to hide the word in their hearts.  🙂

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