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How Do You Plan Dates?


One thing I have had to learn about dates is it’s not about the event we do together but the time to reconnect.  This was a hard lesson to learn because I’m an explorer by nature.  I love trying new things and seeing new places, so in my heart I would be discouraged any time Bill and I got away and the date wasn’t “perfect.”  You know the ones, either you have no money so you can only walk around a park with $1 sodas from McDonald’s, or your plans just didn’t work the way you had hoped.  I would have considered those (which are honestly most of our dates) an epic fail.  Slowly, though, God has changed my heart to love any time I get with my Bill no matter what is going on around us.

One of the things that has served us is preparing some discussion questions we can use with one another while we’re out.  Truthfully it is rare that we get to these.  We usually have plenty to discuss!  However, sometimes the conversation isn’t flowing as well, especially on days one or both of us are tired, so the questions help us push through to have meaningful conversations in spite of how we feel.  It’s amazing how much we have learned from each other through these questions we never would have thought to ask.

A few resources we have used for question ideas are “40 Unforgettable Dates with Your Mate” by Gary & Barbara Rosberg, “Devotions for Couples” by Patrick Morley, & “201 Great Questions for Married Couples” by Jerry Jones. 

One word I will say here.  We don’t go to the movie theatre often.  Don’t get me wrong–we LOVE movies.  But except for a few important exceptions (Harry Potter, many comic book movies, etc.) 😉 we don’t find it to be a good use of our time together.  Movies=no talking, and it usually takes up half the time or more of our dates.  There have even been times we have left a restaurant after walking in because it was such a loud atmosphere that we couldn’t hear each other.  That is just to say, be careful when planning your dates that you choose options that will make for optimal conversation.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Plan Dates?

  1. Appreciating your dating posts… we’ll certainly have to check out the resources.

  2. This is a great series Courtney! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience in this. 🙂

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