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Dating Resources

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Since dating is becoming more and more important to us the larger our family gets, we have invested a bit of money toward books with date ideas.  I have already listed a few in a previous post here.  We have added to our collection since then and will list our updates below.  Obviously, some are better than others, but we have gleaned ideas from all at one time or another.

All of the books I have listed are written by Christians; however, we also own several written by non-believers, too.  I’m not listing them here because they contain a few ideas that would not bring glory to God if practiced between a married couple, and to set you at ease, we don’t practice them.  🙂  Unfortunately, though, putting those ideas aside, secular books are often the best places to find good date ideas because they aren’t afraid of doing or talking about things many Christians fear, like sex, alcohol, or dancing.  🙂  That’s just to say that those books have been good resources for us, but if you are going to purchase them, do so prayerfully and with discernment.  We have many times blacked out inappropriate suggestions or torn out pages, mainly to guard our own hearts.

2002 Things To Do On a Date

365 Great Date Ideas

The Little Book of Great Dates for Mates


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