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A dinner conversation:

Bill: Manna means “what is it?”

Liam:  I don’t know.

Bill:  No, the actual meaning of manna is “what is it?”

Liam:  I don’t know.

Bill: I’m not asking a question, Buddy.  When I say, “What does manna mean?” you say “what is it?”

Liam:  I don’t know.

Liam was helping me bake s’mores the other night.  After turning my back for a moment, I saw he had marshmallow cream all over his face.  Obviously he couldn’t resist the temptation to put his head in the dish for a sampling.  Here, though, was his version of what happened:

I accidentally dropped my head, and my chin just fell in the marshmallows!

Liam ran in the house one day and quickly got water in a bowl.

Me:  What are you doing?

Liam:  There’s a wasp’s nest, and Daddy asked me to bring him a fly’s water!  (fly swatter)

After Esther was heard crying:

Liam:  I helped Esther get back up.

Daddy:  That was kind of you.

Liam:  (pause)  I’m also the one who pushed her down.

Times I’m reminded there is a son in the midst of all the daughters:

Liam:  It would be so glamorous to catch a fish and throw it on your head.

6 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. ha ha! I love these! I have been trying to keep track of funny things Ruby says. I should post them on my blog

  2. Kids say the funniest things. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Those completely made me laugh out loud! Liam’s awesome. 🙂

  4. These totally made my morning!!!

  5. Cute, too cute. And, yes, they sound just like Liam. How about Arianaisms, or maybe even some Estherisms? Bet they can come up with a few, too. 🙂

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