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Family Night–Homemade Puzzles


In the early fall, we made puzzles out of tongue depressors (as usual almost all my crafty ideas are from family fun).  We put sevenish craft sticks together and taped them on the back.  We then colored pictures on the front with markers, took the tape off, and had fun putting everyone’s pictures together.  The babies were already asleep for the night, so no participation this time.

Ariana diligently working on her masterpiece

Liam putting together the first puzzle

Giggling as I seriously struggled to put one together 🙂

Finished products.  Clockwise from top left:  Ariana’s, Liam’s, Bill’s, Courtney’s


2 thoughts on “Family Night–Homemade Puzzles

  1. Great idea. I love Family Fun! We may do this today for craft time. 🙂

  2. What a cute idea. I love all of your pictures. And you claim you can’t draw.

    I remember when you were a tween and would “help” me put together a jigsaw puzzle. All you wanted to do was get the border together, and then you would disappear until time to put in the last 2-3 pieces. What dedication!!!! LOL. Maybe that’s why you had trouble putting your puzzle together….no borders????

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