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Um, Happy Birthday, Liam?


Did I mention we had some make-up posts to do?  Well, Liam actually turned 5 in May, and yes, we are just now getting to a post for him…

We are grateful for this little guy.  Seriously, the age five is proving to be my favorite with the hilarious things said, the sweet actions, and the deeper conversations.  Liam is a very, very kind and loving boy who has a huge heart for people.  He loves his friends, family, and well, every stranger he meets.  He is always making up songs, games, and stories with a crazy imagination.  He warms hearts with his hugs and by saying things like, “Bye!  I love you so much!  Have a great day!”  He is quick to help out around the house with whatever he can and is a great big brother.

The thing that has brought us the most joy this year with Liam, though, is his increasing understanding of his sin and need for a Savior.  We don’t yet know the depth of his understanding, but we are often blown away by the things he says.  We especially have gotten to see God’s work in Him through the miscarriage I had earlier in the summer.  I have a post written for later with more details, but for now I will let you know he had a difficult time with the whole thing.  However, his eyes were opened to God’s goodness in a way we could never have imagined.  We are praying that God gives Him a full understanding of the gospel soon and calls Liam to Himself.  Below is a copy of the first song he wrote that showed some amount of understanding.  He has written many more since.  🙂  Silly pictures follow.

Translation: Powerful God, You are powerful. Oh God, we forgive.  God, we sin.  We cannot go on ourselves.  Sin, God we need somebody, God.  God, can we come?  “Yes, you can come.  Oh, come.”  Oh, God.  God, you are God, God-Man.  Oh God, we sin.  Oh God, we need somebody. 

Wrestling with Mommy

“Slothing” around at one of our favorite playgrounds

Thumbs up during tee-ball

2 thoughts on “Um, Happy Birthday, Liam?

  1. what a sweet post and a beautiful song. looking forward to reading more from you guys and so thankful for your openness Courtney. love ya

  2. I love Liam’s song. Although it may partially copied from other songs he has heard, it is also original and very precious. I, too, appreciate his tender heart and his desire to please. I especially loved how, during Thanksgiving lunch when he was exposed to several new foods, he would say, “Hmmmmm. Let’s see how this tastes”. Pretty mature for a 5-year-old. He is a dear little guy, and his Nana is crazy about him (and his siblings and his cousin).

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