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Family Update

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Just a little update to let you all know what’s going on with the Bell’s these days.

We are still living in New Albany, IN, in the same 1000 square foot cozy house with our four little ones under foot.  Liam is currently 5 and in kindergarten, Ariana is 4 and in preschool, Esther is 2, and Miriam is 19 months.  We are expecting our 5th little bundle around the beginning of June. 

We still attend Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, an amazing gospel-centered, theologically-grounded, Southern Baptist and Acts 29 church.  In the almost four years we have been a part of Sojourn, it has increased from 800 attendees to somewhere around 2500.  We also now have four services at the campus we attend and 2 other campuses around Louisville.  There are plans to start a campus in New Albany sometime in the next year or so.  Woohoo!  God has seriously blessed this church that just had it’s 10th anniversary.

Bill is still working at Humana, a company that has blessed our family beyond belief, and he is currently filling in as interim music director at Oak Park Baptist in Jeffersonville, IN, while still filling his role as deacon at Sojourn.  Yep, busy as usual.  He and Court together serve Sojourn by training and encouraging a handful of community group (small groups that meet in homes throughout the week for encouragement, prayer, and sermon discussion) leaders and doing some biblical counseling.  We both are also mentoring.

Court is still blessed to stay home with the kids.  She homeschools and is constantly humbled by it.  🙂  She is also reminded of her need for God’s strength and provisions through her struggles with Crohn’s Disease, something that causes her much pain and fatigue almost daily.  It is a constant reminder that this earthly body is not the one she will always be meant for.

Our biggest future plan is to leave within the next 2 years, moving to a larger city to begin planting house churches, something Bill and Court have a huge heart for.  We are also praying through the best way to serve Jesus’s church until that time comes, struggling to put aside our desires for the good of the kingdom.  Edit from Bill: At the time Court wrote this post, church planting within the next two years was the clear direction we felt called to.  But some current circumstances might actually be changing these goals–more updates to come as some things become clearer.  Suffice it to say that we make all plans with the understanding that it’s only “as the Lord wills.” 

We feel constantly blessed and humbled by God’s goodness in our lives and love having the privilege of serving Him in this world though we deserve much, much worse.  To Him be the glory!

One thought on “Family Update

  1. The paragraph about future plans makes me jealously sad but that’s okay… I still love you. 🙂

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