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Before I give a new set of kidisms, I want to thank each of you for how you have ministered to our family through the miscarriage, especially through prayer.  We are doing really well here, resting in God’s goodness and filled with more joy each day in Him.  He is good!  Please continue praying for us, especially as we minister to our children, one of whom went through a difficult grieving process.

O.K. enough serious stuff!

Telling Daddy about breakfast:

Ariana:  We ate our bread that had toast on it!

During family worship:

Liam:  On the 7th day, God arrested.

Before we met with our church:

Liam:  There are no clouds in the sky because it’s Sunday.

Playing “What am I” with the kids:

Ariana:  What’s black with buttons and lives in the sky?  Trees!  (yeah, we don’t know either, but this is a typical “clue” from Ariana)

Showing me something she built with legos:

Me:  That building is rockin’!

Ariana:  Daddy, look.  I built a rockin’!

One more example of how much the kids mimic us:

Ariana:  Liam, I want that animal.

Liam:  Try again, Ariana.

Ariana:  Liam, may I please have that animal?

During dinner:

Liam:  How many bites do I have to take of my chicken?  20,000?

A profound statement:

Liam:  I can run as fast as I can.

Our little man loves to entertain.  This was a dinner conversation:

Liam (smiling):  I’m asleep.

(None of us knew what he was talking about, so we just looked at him waiting for the rest of his statement.  Obviously that wasn’t the response he expected)

Liam:  No, you have to laugh really hard when I say that.

3 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. I’m sitting here chuckling over breakfast. I love the “try again Ariana” statement as well as the “I’m asleep” comment. That one was obviously funnier in his head. 🙂

  2. LOL…..those are great! I love when everyone posts things like this 🙂

    On a side note, I understand about one child having a hard time with it. Both Grace and Isaac still talk about our miscarriage. They ask Why….or Where it is? Or What did we name him/her. You know that we name our little ones in whomb until they are born “munchin, peanut, boo and champ” have been the names so far. So because of this they ask what we called that baby.

    God is amazing! He will give you the answers you will need for your little ones. PRaying for you guys.

  3. As always, I love all these gems. They are especially delightful after the sorrow the entire family faced this week.

    How precious that God holds us close, heals our wounds through the grace provided through His wounds, and gives us joy in spite of the hard times.

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