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Bill’s Threats

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I love my husband so much, and one thing that makes me love him more deeply is watching him be an amazing father.  Seriously.  Really, really amazing.  He is diligent in showing our children Jesus, in correcting them when needed, in blessing them with little gifts, in playing hard with them, in spending individual time with each of them, and in being downright silly.  One way Bill can make me laugh hard is when he “threatens” the kids.  This is never for those times our kids need heart corrections.  Those times don’t get threats but actions.  There are times, however, for fun.  These kind of phrases will come from Bill’s mouth, for instance, when the kids work together for a sneak tickle attack on Daddy.

“I’m putting the ‘kid for sale’ sign out.  I’m telling you, you used to have two older brothers.”

“I’m putting you out in the back yard so you can learn to live off the land on your own.”

“I’m going to throw you in the trash can.”

“You will be hung upside down by your toenails.”

One thought on “Bill’s Threats

  1. I love it! Our typical ‘threat’ to Hannah is that we’re going to ‘beat her up.’ Of course this usually means tickle her to death or pick her up and run around the house with her upside down or something. The other day she was yelling “Don’t beat me up Mommy!” and my mom assured her that she I would never do such a thing. Then I had to tell my mom about our little joke. hmmmm…. Maybe this ‘threat’ will be a problem as Hannah ages and is away from home more. 🙂
    Loving all the updates!

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