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Miriam Turns One!


I can’t believe it!  My youngest baby turned one, and I am not pregnant.  That is, no joke, a first for me.  It’s surreal to me, to be honest.  We have had many people ask us about it.  Basically, we would love more children, but we are trying to give my body a much-needed break after some difficult pregnancies right in a row.

Miriam is a fun little girl.  She has definitely come into her own personality, which is best summed up by calling her a ham.  She is the entertainment every night at the dinner table, and she knows it.  We are always cracking up at this little girl.  As you’ll see below, her favorite person in world is not Mommy or Daddy but is her super, big brother.

She is currently pulling herself up and is cruising, and we don’t think she’s far from walking on her own.  We love her so much!

Wrestling Liam

Initiating play with her little friend, Amaris

Anybody see a theme here?

Drool and all

Pretty blue eyes and fauxhawk

Her spring birthday cake

2 thoughts on “Miriam Turns One!

  1. How can a full year have passed already? Such a beautiful little one-year-old, even (or especially) with the drool and the fauxhawk. Love you, Miriam!!!

  2. She is so cute! So glad things are going well for you guys, I love all the “new” posts.

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