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Esther’s 2nd Birthday


We’re starting to catch up!  Our middle daughter, Esther, turned 2 in February.  I remember that the first birthday blog post we did was when Liam turned two.  It’s sweetly sad to watch them grow up.

Our Essie is an absolute delight.  She walks around with the sweetest smile on her face and is happiest when she is hugging someone in the family or sitting in Mommy or Daddy’s lap.  The fact that she is the third, though, has definitely made her a fighter.  One of my favorite memories of her was when her older brother and sister came running to me at the same time crying and yelling, “Esther just hit us!”  Yes, I dealt with Esther, but not until I excused myself to go in the other room to laugh about the fact that she just took down two kids who were both twice her size.  She knows how to get what she wants.  Now we just have to work with her on a sinless way to pursue those same things.

Her favorite things right now are singing, looking at books, and trying to keep up with Liam and Ariana.

Many of you know that she has been in physical therapy for a little over a year now, and she is thriving.  A year ago, she couldn’t sit on her own.  Now she is almost running, the last goal we have for her before she stops her therapy.  God has been so good with our little girl!  She is now in speech therapy to help her learn how to communicate without yelling.  Here are some pictures of her birthday party and of her in general.

Piggy Cake

2 thoughts on “Esther’s 2nd Birthday

  1. I’m loving these adorable cakes! Esther is a cutie and I can’t wait to see her this July! Those big baby blues are beautiful!

  2. What an indomidible spirit this sweet girl has. Every time we see her, I’m amazed at the advances she’s made. And of course I adore her beautiful smile.

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