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Newport Aquarium

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For my 30th birthday, Bill did a ton of things to bless me for two weeks and beyond.  One of those was a surprise day when he took the day off work and took all of us to Newport Aquarium.  The battery started to die on the camera, so we didn’t get many pics.

Liam petting a horseshoe crab

The 3 oldest looking in one of the fish tanks.  We did have Miriam, too, but didn’t get any pictures before the camera died.

There was a Frogger game there that you played with your feet.  I used to play it on Atari!

We had sweet family time that day seeing lots of fish, jellyfish, turtles, rays, and sharks.  The kids and Bill all got to pet small sharks (I politely declined).  Liam even impressed the staff member who was working at the shark petting section.  When the worker mentioned whales, Liam shouted, “Oooo, whales eat krill!”  My little animal loving boy…


One thought on “Newport Aquarium

  1. So now I guess even the grandchildren have gotten to pet a dolphin (something everyone in our nuclear family except me got to do when we went to SeaWorld years ago). Every time the dolphins would get to my side of the pool, they would dart to the bottom out of my reach. LOL. So glad all of you got to share this wonderful experience. Looks like a great deal of fun.

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