The Bell Family

Random ponderings on God, life, and the humor all around us

Just Like Daddy


Bill has a certain pose that is just, well, the “Bill pose,” kind of his relaxed stance.  I watched Liam one day work carefully to get himself in this position, from leaning against the wall to crossing his arms, all the way down to one leg behind the other.  They really do pay attention.


5 thoughts on “Just Like Daddy

  1. HA! This is hilarious! I love it.

  2. That is definitely the Bill pose!

  3. So cute! I miss you guys!

  4. I’m loving all of your updates! This one is hilarious!

  5. Yup. Bill, Jr. for sure. But watching one’s parents and trying so hard to immitate them isn’t at all a bad thing when those parents are following Christ.

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