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Part of Being a Child


You know the cry–the one where you drop everything and run as fast as you can.  Well, to protect the innocent (and I use the term innocent lightly), I won’t mention what happened to cause the event that sent me running at the end of last year, but I came into the room to a screaming little girl who was covered in blood.  As most of you know, teeny weeny head wounds bleed like you are on your last leg, and as I suspected, when I got it cleaned up it was in fact very small.  Anyway, though this was quickly resolved, I thought the picture was pitifully appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Part of Being a Child

  1. What a pitiful picture of Ariana. Makes me want to hug her. Reminds me of Paul’s head injury 24 years this week. That was scary! But praise be to God for saving his life. Miss you all! Love, Grandma

  2. Truly one of the most pitiful looks I’ve ever seen. I’m glad it turned out to be a small injury after all. But I’m sure Ariana will use this incident in the future to make the perpetrator of such a dreadful, “near-fatal” head injury feel really, really bad. LOL.

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