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Ariana Is Three


For real?!  She’s not still a baby?!  I’m always amazed at how quickly my kids grow, but this one (her birthday was actually in November) was particularly difficult for me to wrap my mind around.  I think it’s mainly because Ariana has tried her hardest to skip the whole baby phase.  I still remember that we tried to teach her to sign “more” when she was 7 months old.  Instead, she verbally said “more.”  It hasn’t slowed down since then.

We have mentioned before that Ariana is a little mommy.  We’re considering leaving the other kids with her sometime so we can go on a date (kidding–sort of).  This winter she taught Liam (1 1/2 years older than her) how to zip up his coat.  Sigh.

Though she has developed quickly in many ways, though, we don’t have to look far to be reminded that she is only three.  One of our favorite games, for instance, is the “What am I?” game.  It goes something like, “I’m yellow with brown spots and have a long neck.  What am I?”  Liam is able to play this game well, sometimes surprising us with his creativity in coming up with clues.  Ariana, however, gives clues more like this, “I’m black and white and gray and green and red and yellow and brown.  I wear shoes, and I fly really high.  What am I?”  Ummm, we don’t know, sweetie.  Ariana:  “I’m a car!”  ???  Yeah, you see what we mean.

One thing I find myself praying for often is that Ariana’s joy will never be stifled but that she will learn Who true joy is found in.  This child often challenges all of us in joy.  She can have a hard day and still end it jumping up and down and smiling in the end.  It takes a lot to get her down.  What a delight she is!

She is into all things girly, from dress up clothes to dolls to makeup.  Running for her looks more like prancing, and she is constantly asking questions.

Her “puppy dog” cake

Pretty dress up clothes from Nana and Peepaw

Working on Mighty Minds, a tool we use during her school time some days.

3 thoughts on “Ariana Is Three

  1. Arianna, I love your run-on descriptions of things (like cars, even if, at least for now, they don’t fly); kind of reminds me of someone else in the family. Wonder who that could be? 🙂 And we all love her for it.
    I, too, love your unbridled spirit (yeah, it’s a Kentucky motto, but I’ll still use it for you). You truly have a joyful attitude about life and a nurturing spirit. That is a gift from God.
    I love the fact that you are a girly-girl, enjoying dressing up and primping. It may not be quite so much fun when you reach your teens, but it’s really sweet now.
    Do you think from all this that we just plain old love you and all your siblings? We do!!!!!

  2. Love Arianna! And LOVE to watch her run!! It is so cute!

  3. What an adorable princess. I love that cake!

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