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Halloween 2009


Did I mention that we were behind on blog posts?  Here are a few pictures from Halloween 2009.   I think this will be my last family theme Halloween costume year.  Both Ariana and Liam have already told me what they want to be this year, and I can’t think of a way to make a theme out of their ideas.  We had an aqua theme last year.


The kids painted the little pumpkins.  Bill did the big one.  This was our “Shish-ka-boo.”

Jelly fish, mermaid, octopus

Our happy little (walking) mermaid

This was one happy kid that night

She just loves to wear “pretty” things

“Why didn’t I get to dress up?”

At one of our sweet neighbors homes.


3 thoughts on “Halloween 2009

  1. I love the shish-ka-boo, even if the poor smaller pumpkins look a little alarmed next to the fierce bigger one that seems to want to have them for lunch.
    Great job with the costumes, Courtney. I have no idea what the kids want to be this coming Halloween, but they well may change their minds a dozen times before then. If not, hey, you have 6 months to get creative again. LOL

  2. Yes, Terra, they were in Family Fun. Basically, if it looks like an original idea from me, you can probably assume I found it in Family Fun. I love it, too!

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