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For the Next 32 Days…


I get to say my children are ages 4, 3, 2, & 1.  I had Miriam while standing over a toilet 1 year ago today (Easter Sunday).  Happy birthday to a little girl whose name appropriately means “laughter” and “light.”  We are working on a ton of make-up blog posts with lots of pictures that will be posted soon.  A longer post for our youngest will go up then.

3 thoughts on “For the Next 32 Days…

  1. Will be looking forward to your updates. Happy Birthday sweet Miriam!

  2. Hope you are having the very best 1st birthday you’ll ever have, Miriam. LOL. Enjoy your cupcakes.

    Love you!!!!
    Nana & Peepaw

  3. Happy 1 Year Birthday Miriam! We love you!

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