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Bill likes to keep the house fairly cool

Liam:  Daddy, my feet are cold.  They’re just frozen!

Liam is into all things marine

Liam:  Boys are divers.  Girls are mermaids.

While I was doing a workout video

Ariana:  Mommy, can you take your shirt off, too, like those girls?

While talking to my mother on the phone

Ariana:  Is Peepaw your friend? (Peepaw is my father, and in case there is confusion, yes, my mother’s husband)

We were in a bedroom at a friend’s beautiful home

Liam:  Oh, this room is sooooooo cute!  (After this incident Bill tried to make me vow never to speak in front of Liam again.  How much manning-up can I honestly do with him when he’s around 4 females all day?)  🙂

During some cabin fever I played indoor baseball (nerf ball) with Liam.  After a bad throw

Liam:  Can you throw it like Daddy?

While setting the table

Bill:  Does anyone know what kind of fruit is in orange juice?

Liam:  Lemonade!

Esther’s speech therapist was chatting with Liam one day, and I realized from their conversation that my animal-obsessed son doesn’t know what a turkey is, of all things

Sarah (showing a flash card of a cartoon turkey): Can you help Esther, Liam?  What is this a picture of?

Liam:  I don’t know.

Sarah:  It’s a turkey.  Turkeys are birds.

Liam:  Noooooo, that’s silly!

Me (getting online in search of a turkey picture): Look.  Here’s a real picture of a turkey.  See, it’s a kind of bird.  I know this is confusing, but the same turkey you eat comes from these kind of birds.

Liam:  Oh, does that turkey live on bread?

Bill is often frustrated at children’s books and the message he feels like they send.  It’s not unusual for him to improvise.  I laugh, and the kids never even know what he’s doing.  This particular story was about a little boy who wakes up on his birthday in search of presents, even going to his friends house looking for what they got him.  He disappointingly can’t find anyone or any presents but is then overjoyed to walk into a surprise party.

Part of the real version: Today is Freddie’s birthday.  “Where did they hide my presents?” Freddie says.  “Bobby will have a present for me.”  Bobby isn’t home.

Bill’s version:  Today is selfish Freddie’s birthday.  “Where did they hide my presents?”  selfish Freddie says.  “Bobby will have a present for me.”  Bobby isn’t home.  It was the judgment of God.

(No, my husband doesn’t believe it’s a sin to look forward to presents, nor does he believe every time something doesn’t go our way that it is God’s judgment.  Just clarifying).

4 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. oh man, that is the funniest thing I have heard all day! Brian and I are sitting here cracking up over the “judgement of God”

  2. Too funny! I love how Liam thought turkeys lived on bread. 🙂

    I can totally relate to changing stories- we call Curious George “Naughty George” around here. Naughty George never seems to get punished for his naughty behavior and we always seem to mention that the man with the yellow hat will be held accountable for his lack of parenting and discipline. 😉

  3. Just when I finish a couple of “kiddism” scrapbook pages, you blog more fodder. I love it!!!! Keep them coming. Love all of you!!!!

  4. I love these!!!! So it sounds like Bill needs to have “man words with Liam”…..or he might be calling his friends new coat…”so beauitful” LOL I love it. I have the opposite problem….trying to keep Grace like a little girl and not a little boy 🙂 all these boys around the house.

    Miss you guys!

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