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Happy 30th Birthday, Courtney!


Today is my bride’s 30th birthday.  She is truly a blessing and a joy to me and to our kids.  Today is a day of CELEBRATION!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday, Courtney!

  1. Happy Birthday Courtney! I love talking to you even if it is few and far between. You are wise beyond your years! Welcome to the 30 year olds club!

  2. Happy Birthday, Courtney! Hope you have a great one (I’m sure Bill has an extra special day in store for you)!

  3. Courtney,

    I truly hope you have had the most wonderful 30th birthday anyone has ever enjoyed. What a blessing!!!

    Love you,

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Courtney! Did you get our “signature” birthday greeting on your answering machine? We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah……Dave and Nancy

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