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Kidisms (or more specifically Arianaisms)


This little girl is cracking us up these days.

One day when I said something to Bill (remember that she’s three):

Ariana:  “Mommy, could you be quiet?  I’m trying to read.”

While doing catechisms I got some “if-all-else-fails-say-one-of-these” answers:

Me: “What effect did sin have on all humanity?”

Ariana: “God!”

Me: “Um, no.”

Ariana: “Jesus!”

Bill and I were holding hands in the van and heard this exchange from the back:

Ariana: “Oh, Liam, let’s hold hands, too!”

Afterward we looked back and indeed saw two sweeties holding hands just like mommy and daddy.

During supper:

Ariana: “Excuse me!”

Me (thinking Ariana is trying to respectfully get my attention): “Oh, Ariana, that was so polite.  What is it, babe?”

Ariana: “Oh, I was telling Esther to say ‘Excuse me.’  She burped.”

3 thoughts on “Kidisms (or more specifically Arianaisms)

  1. What a cutie! I love those “Sunday School Answers.” God & Jesus are the answers to about 80% of the questions! When are you guys coming to visit again? 😉

  2. It sounded just like Ariana to be so polite. How funny that instead she was being the little teacher. Also just like her. Love your sweet nature, Ariana.

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