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Bill and I were using Liam as our messenger from room to room one playful morning:

Me:  Liam, tell Daddy he’s a stinker.

Liam:  Daddy, you’re a stinker.

Bill:  (laughing) Thank you.

Liam:  You’re welcome.

Liam and I have started learning the sounds letters make.  We were working on the letter “A” with a coloring page of an alligator.  The  word “alligator” was underneath.

Me:  Alligator begins with “A.”  Can you find the “a’s” in “alligator?”

Liam:  It’s a crocodile.

Me: Crocodiles do look like alligators, but it’s an alligator.  Where are the “a’s?”

Liam:  Right here.  It’s a crocodile.

Me:  Don’t argue with mommy, Liam.  Let’s pronounce the “a’s” in alligator.  (following  the syllables with my finger as we pronounced) Aaaaa-ll-i-ga-tor.

Liam:  Aaaaa-ll-i-ga-tor.  But we could say (following the syllables with his finger as he pronounced) crooooo-co-dile.

Our sweet friend Christie babysat our kids on Halloween afternoon and was trying to prepare our kids for what to say that night:

Christie: What do you say when you knock on someone’s door?

Liam:  Heeeel–loooo

All the kids were sick one night, so we stayed home while Daddy went to a members’ meeting:

Me: O.K. we’re going to go read books and then go to bed.

(Liam quickly runs to his room to get his “drums” which are toy bowling pins)

Me: Oh, Buddy, we’re not going to have family worship tonight.  I don’t know how to play guitar.

Liam:  That’s O.K. Ariana’s got it.

(Ariana promptly walks in with their play guitar and they both start jamming and singing “You’ll Never Let Go” at the top of their lungs)

While Liam was playing with Miriam (7 months old) she scratched him:

Liam:  Miriam, you know better than to do that.

Another time when Miriam was crying:

Liam:  Miriam, let’s not whine.

One Mommyism (Bill made me add this one).  When my back was pulled & Bill was home I was taking it easy and at one point was playing legos with the kids.  They were making it difficult for me to finish my project:

Me: Can’t a woman get a moment of peace to play with legos?


7 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. Hilarious! I can totally picture Ariana and Liam getting ready to do family worship!

  2. PS I hope you’re planning on posting more of these! It makes you guys feel closer. 🙂

    The crocodile/alligator one cracked me up too. I can relate. Have you gotten to G yet? That was a toughy at our house- mostly because of the word giraffe (those soft g’s just mess everything up).

  3. Let it be known, by the way, that the Lego set in the last story is offically Court’s set. The kids have their own set separate from hers. Not kidding… 🙂

    Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that I bought them for her…

  4. That was GREAT! The croc. and All. one made me laugh….i feel like I am doing that all the time with Gracie.

    Thanks for a good laugh.

  5. Kacie- we had the same issue with G =)

    Too cute, Courtney!

  6. Do you think Liam knows a thing or two about animals? Possibly a future naturalist in the making. Too cute!!! Maybe it would be a little less trying to have him find all the “A’s” in “Ariana”?

    I love how the kids took on the responsibility of family worship in Bill’s absence. Great job, guys!!!

    Courtney, you get the love of toys honestly. Frank finally broke down a few years ago and bought me my very own toy cherry picker after I had jokingly bugged him time after time about wanting a real one. Just think of all the possibilities: cleaning out one’s gutters, rescuing wayward kites (or cats) from trees, hanging Christmas lights. You just go ahead and enjoy your Legos!!!

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