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Branson, Day 6

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The sixth day (and final full day in Branson) was a nature day.  We ended up with some free tickets to go up in something called the Inspiration Tower. 


The kids checking out the view in the glass elevator as we went up in the tower.


I think Miriam was actually paying attention, too.


Up in the observation section, the kids are checking out the scene and, of course, all the historical/geographical material.  Right…


Ariana was all into pushing Esther around in the stroller.


The view from the tower.


We also found a nature trail to walk that included this rickety tower thing.


Court said she wasn’t interested AT ALL in going up the thing, but Liam, Ariana, and I decided to brave it together.  Check out my little troopers.


Saying “hi” to Court and the little girls down below.


After that, we went to Stone Hill Winery (which was super close to the resort) for a tour, but it didn’t really work out.  We ended up just walking around, pointing at grapes (as part of the nature day, maybe?), then heading out.  A little disappointing, but fun just to be together.


And tomorrow will have the last Branson post.  After that, onward and upward into new posting realms…


One thought on “Branson, Day 6

  1. It’s great to see Ariana actually seeming to enjoy a ride in the elevator. When we took the older kids to the hospital after Miriam was born, Ariana didn’t like the elevator ride going up at all. But I held her coming down, and she did great.

    Courtney, I can’t believe you didn’t want to climb the tower (old ranger’s tower?) just because you’d have to carry 2 very young children. 😉 The two older ones seem to have trooped right up there. Bravo for you!!! This day sounds right up my alley.

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