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Branson, Day 5

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So, I know I’ve been taking FOREVER to finish the vacation pictures, but the last posts are finally all finished and are scheduled to post over the next three days so that we can finally get on to some other stuff on this blog.

Day five in Branson was a “stay at the resort” day.  It started with a little pool action (this is obviously the kiddie pool, in case you’re thinking that the resort had a sick sense of humor with their “pool”).


Here’s Liam with a little jumpin’-in action.


And a sweet little Esther-girl


Due to a bit of a mix-up with having a new bathing suit shipped to the resort for Court to use, she was without one until we left.  So, here was her interaction with the pool.


There were also 18 holes of miniature golf at the resort.  We decided to try it out with Miriam in the sling, Esther in the carrier, and the older two kids playing some mini-golf with Mommy and Daddy.  We only got through nine holes (and that was stretching it), but we had a good time nonetheless.

Check out that AWESOME putting form.



Essie on Daddy’s back


 Miriam’s usual disposition when in the sling against Mommy.


Some sweet close-ups of Ariana and Liam.



A couple of “out-take” close-ups of said children.



My sweet little family


Like I said, Day 6 of the trip will post tomorrow (Saturday) and Day 7 will post Sunday.  Again, sorry for taking so long!

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