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Branson, Day 3

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The big event for day three was a visit to Predator World, the zoo and aquarium in Branson.


There was a big tank inside that had several bull sharks (up to about 6 feet long) and a sea turtle.


Here’s Liam feeding one of the sharks.


Here’s Ariana feeding the sea turtle.


They also had a big tank full of sting rays.  Here Liam is feeding one by dropping the fish in the water.


Here’s me feeding the rays by sticking the fish between my fingers and letting the rays gently suck it out.


One of the zookeepers showing the kids the “smiley face” of one of the rays.


A kangaroo in the petting portion–though they said not to pet it because it tends to bite.  Not kidding.


Ariana checking out one of the big land turtles.


Another zookeeper laying down in the wolf cage, letting the wolves walk on him and lick him.


Liam and Ariana watching, probably wondering if the wolves were about to have a zookeeper snack…


My gorgeous wife holding little Miriam.


Esther’s just along for the ride and loving it.


The zoo/aquarium also had free arcade games.


Miriam wasn’t so interested in the arcade portion…


Court reading to Ariana after naps.


Essie being her usual crazy self.


Court dolled up our doll a bit.  Liam saw her and asked, “Is she a princess?”


Court also played with Ariana’s soft, pretty hair.


And you know it’s a good day when there are two ribeyes on the grill for supper.


One thought on “Branson, Day 3

  1. Wow. Looks as if all of you enjoyed an exciting, very full day. Reminds me of our visit to “Sea World” many years ago (when everybody in the family got to pet the dolphins except me; every time they reached my spot at the side of their tank, they would swim down just out of my reach). Since Liam is so enamored with all things sea-life, I know he had a great time, but Ariana seems to have held her own right alongside him. And at least the other girls had a change of scenery even if they are a little too young to be impressed. Thanks for posting the pics.

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