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Branson, Day 1


Well, I haven’t uploaded any pics yet (sorry!), but we’ve had a great first day in Branson.  We arrived at about 9:30 Central last night and checked into our AWESOME condo/resort/whatever-you-call-this-place.  It’s a two bedroom place with a full kitchen and all that.  It even has a hot tub in the bedroom!  You can see the floor plan below.  It’s incredible.

Today, we just hung out, explored a little, and got some rest after the long trip yesterday.  Anyway, we’re planning to post some pics everyday about our first big family vacation.  Peace out!


2 thoughts on “Branson, Day 1

  1. It looks great!!! It looks as if all the kids will have plenty room, and the 2 bathroom thing is great, too.

    I’m so glad you’re getting this time away for a little R&R. Enjoy!!!

  2. So… your vacation condo is bigger than our HOUSE! SO glad you guys are having a good time!

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