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Random Cuteness


Here are some random and super cute pictures that Court has taken over the last few weeks.  Enjoy!








4 thoughts on “Random Cuteness

  1. i heart yer kids

  2. I love this pics. Thanks for alerting us to them.

    It seems as if Ariana is a little smitten with her youngest sister; so sweet. It’s hard to believe Esther’s hair has turned so blonde now. Following in the footsteps of her mom who could never decide on just one hair color as she grew up. What a precious smile Miriam is sharing; she doesn’t seem quite so happy in the other photo, although that could pass for a smile. And what better “toy” than a wonderful backyard waterhole? Looks as if Ariana & Liam put the excess rain to wonderful use. Great work, Grands!!!! Love you all.

  3. I like the new look. I especially like that the “comments” link is at the bottom of the post now and not the top. I always commented on the wrong stinking note! 🙂 Oh… and cute pics as well… I think the 2 middle girls are staring to look like twins! 🙂

  4. Your kids are so cute! I want to babysit them again. Let me know when you I can come over and play.

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