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It’s no surprise that I struggle with my weight.  Most of it is a consequence of my past struggle with gluttony and laziness and because of having four babies in less than four years.  For the last two years, God has been gracious to help me overcome my idolotry of food and rest, and I have been much more honoring to Him with the way I eat by controlling my portions and taking time to truly enjoy the food with which He has blessed me.  I also exercise almost every day and feel great.  Since I have had Miriam, though, I have had several moments of discouragement, especially since I did nothing but gain weight after delivery.  Two of my doctors pointed out that my thyroid looked enlarged, so I was tested.  It turns out that my thyroid levels are fine, but I do have something that is a temporary enlargement of my thyroid that is common for a season after having a baby.  It can cause–you guessed it–weight gain.  The doctor said it should be temporary and to expect to see some changes soon.  Though it was nice to know there was a reason, it has still been difficult to step on the scale and watch no change, so I stopped stepping on it.  Finally, the other day I stepped on again and discoverd I have lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks.  Slow, I know, but I praise God that He is blessing me even in this small thing.  I am not concerned about looking good, but I do want to be healthy and be able to play with my kids (and husband) without it being laborious.  I will try to keep you all posted every once in a while on how things are going.  Sounds interesting, right? 😉

BTW, I have not stopped my series on homekeeping.  I am still studying and plan on talking about the kitchen sometime soon.


3 thoughts on “Weight

  1. Courtney, I gained weight after Kaed and my thyroid was tested to find the same thing. I have finally started to lose weight now. It started after he weaned.

    Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your heart. I think it’s important we be in community and share our struggles with other believers. That is crucial.

  2. Thank you for sharing Court! During preg. and after I really suffer from being too wraped up in my weight etc.

    I will be praying for you as you deal wtih this, please also pray for me as I go through it as well.

    Keeping my focus on being healthy for my husband and kids can be so hard, but with the Lord’s help it can be done.

    prayers and love to you girl, I love how you are open and honest, I learn so much from you.

  3. Know that you are loved and looked up to in spite of any struggle you have with your weight. You are an amazing mother, a fabulous wife and a sweet friend. More than once I’ve shared with people how much I look up to you in these areas. May that encourage you today my friend.

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