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Father’s Day 2009


So, Sojourn did pictures again for Father’s Day (yay for Sojourn photographers!) and here’s ours.  It doesn’t strike me as as good of an overall shot as the Mother’s Day photo, but maybe because this one reminds me of the running joke from my brother Paul as to whether or not my eyes are open when I smile…  Though, Courtney looks truly stunning and the kids are still cute, so that way counteracts my squinty eyes.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2009

  1. I dig the squinty eyes. That’s how I know when you’re truly smiling (happy) like you are in this picture.

  2. Missing you guys !!! getting ready to go to the Greschel’s @ green river on the 4th. then I go to Training -5mos. in Texas.
    Hope all is well, the Blog sounds great! see you later!

  3. I LOVE this one… and Courtney, you do look hot!

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