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Housekeeping 101


I have been challenged many times by Carolyn Mahaney, both in her books and on her blog, about continuing my education as a homemaker.  Almost every career calls you to some further education, but many women who stay home don’t continue learning and sharpening skills.  I told Bill the other day that I feel like I learn a little of a lot of things all the time, but I am never really pushing myself to the limit in any one area.  My friend Becky just did a couple of posts on potty training, and I was really convicted about how unintentional I am about many things like that.  I LOVE school, so I finally decided to sit down and map out my MH plan (Masters in Home) for the next few years.  I am going to try to take an average of 6 months at a time to really learn about a certain skill that is related to managing my home.  The first six months–housekeeping.  I am going to challenge myself to learn as much as I can about managing and cleaning my home, including how to incorporate in natural cleaners.  My main textbooks are Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook and a recommendation from my friend Kacie, The Naturally Clean Home (both were gifts from my wonderful guy).  I even made myself a reading schedule!  I will post on here as I can with info and tips I’m learning.

Any other good resources you would recommend on this topic?


2 thoughts on “Housekeeping 101

  1. those books look awesome. i am totally inspired by you!

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