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Email to Bill


A little background to the email.  We have a sock filled with rice that you can heat in the microwave.  Instant heating pad!  We also don’t use our bathroom while our wee babies are sleeping in the room with us.  We use the guest bathroom instead so we don’t make much noise.  The only time our bathroom is used or even walked into is during the middle of the night feedings when I have to do my thing.  I don’t even turn the light on.  Our children, however, love to explore the whole house–anytime.  Here’s the email:

Subject: Good Grief!

Email:  Do I want to know why the rice sock is in our toilet or how many times I peed on it in the middle of the night?

3 thoughts on “Email to Bill

  1. Now, that is a beautiful family!!!

  2. Sorry, I think I meant for the previous comment to go on the Mother’s Day post! This is a hilarious story. Totally sounds like something that could happen at our house, too. These are things to write down and keep track of so that we can bust a gut laughing about them when we’re old and gray.

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