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A Little of Liam This Week


Here are some Liam moments from this week:

Last night Bill initiated a wrestling match with me (he loves it when I’m not pregnant).  Liam watched the whole thing in hysterics.  In self-defense I threw a pillow right at Bill and hit my target.  Liam got serious at that point and said, “Mommy, don’t hit Daddy,” followed by, “Daddy, are you O.K.?”  Whatever.

This morning, I put Miriam on my bed for a moment while I left the room (I made sure she was safe and couldn’t roll off).  She immediately began crying, so I asked Liam to go take care of her.  This usually means he goes and talks sweetly to her while kissing her forehead–one of his favorite activities these days.  She loves his company and almost always calms down.  Sure enough, she quickly stopped crying.  I went back to the bedroom to find that instead of being in the middle of my made bed, she had been dragged so she was on the side I sleep on with her head on the pillow and the covers drawn up on her.  Liam was so proud of how he had cared for her, and after a moment of panic I was able to see his sweet attempts and tried not to think about what body part he used to move her.

When I was feeding Miriam this afternoon, Liam was driving a toy schoolbus which he had filled with stuffed tigers.  He accidentally hit my freshly filled, very cold water cup, causing it to drench both Miriam and me.  I quickly jumped up with a big gasp.  Instead of being concerned for his mother or sister’s welfare, he said, “Are the tigers O.K?”

On a sweet note, during breakfast this morning I needed to do something in a different room but hadn’t fed Esther her yogurt yet.  I had the brave idea to teach Liam to do it.  Crazy, I know, but he did a really great job.  I don’t know who enjoyed it more–Liam, Esther, or Mommy who got a break and realized a new way to take advantage of my children.


3 thoughts on “A Little of Liam This Week

  1. What a sweetheart! He sure loves being the biggest brother, doesn’t he? As far as the tigers go, I know someone who would have responded the exact some way. 🙂

  2. Too sweet! I love it when the kiddos get sweet with one another! And I love the random comments/things kids do that seem totally normal to them and hysterical to us. 😉

  3. These are great! And David loves when I’m not pregnant too. The wrestling matches are the best, aren’t they? =)

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