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Pirate Cake


This is the most fun I have ever had making a cake.  Should I be happy my son requested a pirate cake?003


7 thoughts on “Pirate Cake

  1. That is completely awesome! I love it! Do you have any ideas for a star wars cake? You’re amazing Courtney. 🙂

  2. Courtney,
    You should have put a warning at the top of this for pregnant women with crazy emotion right now. I am so touched by what you wrote. beautiful! that cake was awesome too!

  3. Wow. Too, too cute. You did a great job, hopefully with a whole lot less food coloring all over the kitchen (and yourself) than I managed to do when I made you a Big Bird cake for your 1st birthday. So what did Liam think of it?

  4. That is awesome!!!! Great job! I bet Liam just loved it!

    Kacie, you could make a light saber cake…..I don’t think that would be too hard. Fun stuff!

  5. This cake is the bomb! I love the detail and am wondering if those sails are chocolate too?!? You’re the best.

  6. hahaha…great..this is so fun…can you tell me how you make it?

  7. Kerol,

    I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I feel like I rarely get on here to check any comments anymore.

    It actually was super easy. You just take two round cakes, cut them in half, and set them upright stacked against each other with icing in between each half to keep them together. I also cut off a teeny bit from the bottom to make it stand flatter. Then you just ice the outside with chocolate icing, and the rest is basically candy decorations (rolled wafers, rolos, malt balls). I used skewers and construction paper for the sails (sorry, Jan, not real chocolate–I’m not that good). 🙂 We had some Little People pirates already, so they became the crew.

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